Scholarships and Bursaries are available up to 25% of Course Fee for International Students.
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Our Unique Approach

Learning at Toronto Innovation College. (TIC)

TIC aims at making its students all around, well trained and ready for the job market. This is the motivating factor behind the variety of programs offered by the Institution. TIC currently offers over 50 programs, internship opportunities, and multiple practical training sessions. This gives the students a wide variety of options in making the appropriate decisions as they advance in the academic ladder.


All the applicants with diplomas and certificates that are accredited by the Ministry Of education or any other international institution may articulate the programs of study that the TIC offers.

The transfer of Credit

All the applicants admitted to the TIC from other educational institutions can apply for their credits to be transferred to the TIC.

TIC Transformative Agenda

TIC’s transformative agenda is depicted by the success of the TIC graduates at their workplaces. The main objective of the TIC has been to offer quality education, training of skills promote innovation, creativity and inculcate moral values that enhance societal and individual development. The Institution also has exceptional programs and student services such as financial help, scholarships, and student advisory.

Experienced Staff

TIC also has a large number of experienced instructors who take the students through their respective programs. Many tutors allow them to give each of the learner’s attention, which enhances proper learning.

The Program Advisory Committee (PACs).

The PACs provide the much-needed connection between the TIC and the surrounding community. It is a group of sectoral and industrial professionals who inform the new students and the continuing students about the institutions’ current programs, trends, and labor market needs.

The PAC members include industry leaders, business leaders, graduates, representatives from renowned and accredited institutions, and potential employees.

Provide suggestions for placement opportunities.

Ensure that students are supported throughout their academic journey

Provide a curriculum and suggest the content that coincides with the current market demands.

Assist and guide students in nurturing their soft and technical skills.