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Why Toronto Innovation College?

Why Students are choosing and trusting TIC

Judging by the quality of our graduates, TIC is one of the leading colleges in Canada. As a result, our programs give graduates a competitive advantage in seeking employment. As a matter of fact, many TIC students are always exposed to early employment opportunities organized by the institutions’ career department.

The College has invested in modern infrastructure and facilities to provide students with the best experiences and quality academic programs that ensure positive learning outcomes

  • TIC offers a conducive and serene learning environment.
  • Presence of a modern library that has online/digital resources.
  • Presence of modern computer tools and IT facilities
  • Availability of dedicated and highly qualified tutors
  • Programs focused on Industry demand

Our Competitive Edge

Our Faculty and experienced staff creates a unique learning environment

TIC also has a large number of experienced instructors with in-depth industry knowledge who take the students through their respective programs. Our instructor to student ratio allows us to give each of the learner’s attention, which enhances proper learning.