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SAP is divided into many ‘Modules’ for ease of implementation. All these modules are integrated. ‘Warehouse Management is a sub-module of Material Management module which takes care of ‘Warehouse Management’ functionality. Warehouses can be managed efficiently at ‘Bin location’ level using EWM module.

Warehouse Management deals with Master data, packing and picking strategies, Enterprise structure, Delivery processing, Warehouse Management, Physical inventory, Batch Management, with a bonus section on Configuring Interfaces to Inventory Management and Production. SAP Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) is also a component of SAP Logistics Execution system (SAP LE). It deals with the Inventory management and processing all relevant movements and tasks in the warehouse, such as goods receipt, goods issue, movements within the warehouse

Using SAP solutions for warehouse management, employees can direct inbound goods through cross-docking processes. These processes can help you to minimize duplicate goods movements within warehouses and to plan and execute physical inventory or cycle counts.

Participants will learn the Organizational Structures of the Warehouse Management system and will understand the Integration of Warehouse Management with other logistics applications in ERP Central Component.

Training Objective

The SAP MM (S/4HANA for Sourcing) certification course verifies that the candidate possesses knowledge and skills in the area of SAP Procurement to satisfy the requirements for the consultant profile so that the candidate can implement this knowledge practically in projects.On completion of course the candidate will have good overall understanding of fundamentals of SAP MM (S/4HANA Sourcing) and can implement this knowledge practically in their projects.

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