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About Us

Welcome to Toronto Innovation College

Toronto Innovation College is among the most transformative institutions that aim to train and instill students with the necessary skills and knowledge. We are a Private College approved under the Private Career College Act of 2005. Founded in 2005, Toronto Innovation College is a renowned training facility that has produced the best minds in the last sixteen years.

Our Ethos is to ensure that all the programs offered are relevant to the students’ career desires. We are committed to anchoring every available program alongside the contemporary needs in the labour market by inculcating our students with practical skills.

Our objective is to generate problem solvers and innovators who will transform the world into a better place. We are passionate about improving lives and creating relevant careers that directly help in solving numerous societal problems. Currently, Toronto Innovation College offers more than 50 Diplomas and Certifications in Business, Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Human Resource related courses. Our achievements as an institution have been enabled by the supportive staff members who have been key in ensuring students’ education attainment.

Currently, the Student to Faculty ratio is average. Toronto Innovation College has enough staff members that can ensure effective learning in every faculty. At our main campus, we offer programs in highly demanding fields such as Business Analysis, System Administration, Web Development, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Supply Chain Management, and Artificial Intelligence. Providing these diverse Courses has meant that our College can sustain an average of 30,000 students in every academic year. Consequently, Over 86 percent of our students have secured formal employment after their graduation.


Founded in 2005, 16 Years and Counting


Graduate since 2005


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Vision Statement

To be a competitive, inclusive, and dynamic center of learning, innovation, teaching, and service to society.

Mission Statement

To transform lives, teach moral values, and pursuing quality education that will ensure service to humanity.

Philosophy Statement

Safeguarding the right of every person in acquiring knowledge and skills.

Identity Statement

A community of Innovators and critical thinkers committed to transforming lives, disseminating knowledge, and solving problems.